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March 02 17:19 2015
Introducing Anyflip software which renders a unique and interactive design to showcase one’s products. is an interactive flipbook publishing platform that specializes in creating flipbooks for a more fun filled, interactive and interesting viewing experience for any sort of products. One can convert boring PDFs into an interactive flipbook style display or also an HTML5 or Flash flipbook within a few minutes with this software.

The time of looking through pages of product info listed in PDF format is no longer in fashion nowadays. This is the time when people only like quick media whether it is in terms of entertainment or information. So to solve this problem of showcasing one’s product info in an interactive and easy to view manner, AnyFlip has come with a perfect solution – flipbook creator online that makes shopping online a lot easier. It can create interactive and uniquely designed flip books showcasing one’s products. Thus, creating a unique catalog for the modern 21st century clientele is no longer a hassle.

But not only that, the company also focuses on creating flipbooks with rich content with detailed description of one’s product, that can be viewed online as well as offline in any modern smart devices, like a laptop PC, desktop, tablet or even a smart phone. Also as boasted by the company representatives, AnyFlip has more than 217,962 trusted publishers who are currently using their services around the world.

The main features being offered by AnyFlip are: one can publish unlimited PDF files to flipbooks for absolutely no cost as the company offers unlimited free online publishing plan. The task is extremely simple that one only has to upload a PDF of his choice to AnyFlip website and then the PDF will be rendered in flipbook format which suitable for all types of devices. Their flash and HTML5 flipbooks are viewable on all platforms and devices ranging from Mac, PC to iPhone, Android mobile and tablets and laptops as well. One can also choose to add interesting and rich media like animation, text, link, flash, image slideshow, MP4, music player, sound and YouTube etc. Also one can share a flipbook to any social media channels such as FaceBook in a click. Besides,  one can avail AnyFlip’s leading trusted cloud platform, AnyFlip Cloud which promises its users high performance, top notch security services and accessible from any device anywhere in the world with just one click.

Another notable advantage of using AnyFlip is that it is 100 percent customizable. It has a variety of pre-designed templates that one can use to completely do their own flipbooks as they want. They can also customize their flipbooks with added features like shadow, cover, colors, buttons, navigation options and more. One can also add customized logos, icons and backgrounds to their templates as well.

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