Integrity Home Pro Maps Best Home Improvements for 2015

March 02 17:12 2015
Integrity Home Pro offers some tips on planning home improvement projects in 2015.

At the beginning of each new year, many people make resolutions—often regarding their health, their finances, or other personal habits. Homeowners often make resolutions to do some home upgrading or renovation. Now that spring is drawing closer and possible tax refunds are on their way, homeowners are starting to make good on those home improvement resolutions, planning big projects for the remainder of 2015. The question is, which projects are most advantageous? In a new statement to the press, Integrity Home Pro answers.

“Industry experts believe that home improvement projects will increase significantly in the coming year,” comments Integrity Home Pro founder Danny Peterson. “Homeowners are increasingly intent on improving their property values, their aesthetics, and their comfort—and there are several ways to do so.”

Entry door replacement is at the top of Peterson’s list. “If you have resolved to improve your home value or to spruce up your curb appeal, entry door replacement is ideal,” he says. “This is among the most value-adding home improvements there is.”

Replacing the windows is also advantageous, Peterson notes. “Replacing your windows can boost your household energy efficiency and insulation, to say nothing of potential aesthetic improvements,” he comments.

For those looking to do something more, kitchen and bathroom improvements are strong contenders. “These are the two rooms in which renovation tends to add the most value,” Peterson comments. “By working with the existing footprint of these rooms, you can remodel on a tighter budget than you might imagine.”

Finally, Peterson points to roofing as an option. “Roofing may not seem as flashy as these other things, and it is a significant investment, but it can also go a long way toward boosting home resale value,” he says.

Concludes Peterson, “Whatever your project for 2015, start planning and budgeting for it now—and make sure you know of a contracting company with a reputation for integrity.”

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