Tianhemast.com Unveiled an Impressive Array of Industry-Grade Telescopic Masts

January 05 11:45 2015
Tianhemast.com, a leading tactical equipment manufacturer from China, recently unveiled a broad range of industry-standard mechanical masts.

Tianhemast.com, or Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group, is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of telescopic masts and all sorts of elevating equipment. The Wenzhou, China based company recently unveiled a complete and impressive array of industry-standard telescopic masts. These telescopic masts include vehicle-mounted jacks systems, antenna tilts, CCTV masts and mast accessories etc. The telescopic masts manufactured by the company are used across diverse industries including fire departments, telecommunication, broadcast, security, military and police. The owners of the telescopic mast manufacturing firm have promised that they will include many more products to their inventory in coming years.

Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group prides itself in being a two-decade old company. The company also earned recognition in the Pneumatic and Oil Cylinder industry segment during its formative years. It still dominates the local Pneumatic component supplying market in China. However, about 10 years ago, the Group began its Mast and Portable Lighting division. Since then, Tianhe telescopic Mast has been surging ahead in the fiercely competitive Chinese telescopic pole market. The company has been designing and manufacturing elevating equipment since its early days. However, the owners pointed out that their strength lies in competitive pricing. At present, the company offers two types of telescopic masts, mechanical-driven and pneumatic.

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The CEO and Managing Director of the company recently explained the key differences between mechanical masts and pneumatic masts. “We recommend mechanical masts for colder areas like countries in the Siberian region. This is because pneumatic antenna mast is completely air-operated and the extra moisture that goes into the tube along with the air may eventually freeze to ice. This can impede the mast from going down. For that reason only, we highly recommend mechanical masts in comparatively colder countries. On the other hand, pneumatic masts have more load capacity than mechanical masts and these masts are ideal for elevating items that are weighed more than 150 kilograms,” said the Managing Director of the Chinese manufacturing firm.

Tianhemast.com is certified by ECM, a global leader in product safety compliance analysis and certification. The company now accepts orders online and the sales team is working with full effort to expand its international clientele.

About the Company

Tianhe Telescopic Mast Group has its specialization in all types of telescopic masts that are manufactured in compliance with international standards.

More information about the company can be found at http://www.tianhemast.com/

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