Taking The World To New Heights: The New Single Set To Open Amid Tremendous Pre-release Response

February 03 05:07 2018
“New Heights” is a new single by Jay Chanz which is all set to debut on February 2nd, 2018. He is an up and coming hip-hop recording artist and songwriter and has a lot of expectation of his new single after the tremendous pre-release response.

New York, New York – Feb 3rd, 2018 – Jay Chanz is an up and coming hip-hop recording artist and songwriter who has managed to make an excellent name for himself. He received adequate musical training, and he has been performing arts in both music and acting since his elementary school.

His first single “New Heights” is all set to debut on February 2nd, 2018 and people can’t wait to listen to this amazing number. He has already received some phenomenal comparisons as he has been compared to some of the industry greats as far as the lyrical ability in hip-hop is concerned. Jay Chanz is known for his ability to connect with his fans both on and off the stage.

Speaking at a press meet, Jay Chanz was quoted as saying, “My journey as a hip-hop artist has given me the opportunity to use my voice to inspire the culture of life and creativity. I often feel that I am chosen to take music and creativity to new heights, and this has been the real inspiration behind my number.”

Jay believes that people need to be exposed so that they strive for a better way of life and they should not be afraid of positive transformation and the true reformation. The kind of support which he has got from his fans is overwhelming. Innumerable fans have not only pre-downloaded the song, but at the same time they have come together and started a movement for people who would like to move to new heights.

No doubt, there is a lot of buzz about this new single. It is likely that it will be met with many positive reviews because Jay Chanz has often been appreciated for his raw talent and his amazing proficiency as far as hip-hop lyricists are concerned.

Those who would like to listen to his song and music video you can click it https://youtu.be/hT6xniU3w9Q

About Jay Chanz

Jay Chanz is a young college-educated artist with experience in marketing and business. An up and coming hip-hop artist and songwriter; Jay Chanz believes that music is his true calling and he wants to make a career in the music industry. Known for his incredible talent as a hip-hop artist, he has lots of expectation from his new single about to be released soon.

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