Timekettle Launches WT2 Real Time Earphone Translator Project, Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Raise Funds

October 25 20:31 2017
Timekettle announces WT2 Real-time Earphone Translator project, takes the Kickstarter route to fund the project.

Timekettle, the Pasadena, CA based tech startup, has announced that their Kickstarter campaign is now live and running for the WT2 Real time Earphone Translator project. WT2 translator makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide a smooth experience to every day consumers. Face to face foreign language conversations can become natural, fluent and hands-free with WT2 real time earphone translator.

“We are delighted to introduce the most revolutionary translator to date – the WT2 real time earphone translator that can translate languages in near real time,” says the spokesperson for Timekettle. “We believe that language is beautiful and fascinating and hence should not be frustrating merely because two persons are conversing in different languages. The WT2 translator has a translating earphone that allows natural and hands-free communication between individuals using different languages and enabled by two earphones and one app.”

Many individuals traveling to an alien country often report frustrating experiences when there are two speakers conversing in two different languages. Being stuck in an unknown place that does not speak a familiar language can be a hugely frustrating experience as it can create major communication issues. The WT2 real time earphone translator has been designed to deal with this problem.

WT2 comes with a customized charging case. The system includes two earphones and one app. The earphones can provide long-term, hands-free foreign language communication. Travelers can smoothly and effortlessly immerse themselves in the local culture while traveling in a country that speaks a language that they are not conversant with. WT2 can help them express build more meaningful connections as they can converse easily with the people they meet.

Some of the key features of the WT2 system are:

  • It’s ready to use. Users can start speaking immediately on wearing them

  • It offers conversation in six languages such as English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish and German. More languages will be available shortly.

  • It is wearable and comes with two-way conversation ability.

  • The auto wake-up and pairing feature allows automatic connection to happen

  • Makes it easy to have hands-free bilingual conversation

  • There is only one app needed. No need to download a second app for the other person.

  • WT2 can be charged anywhere, anytime with a charging case.

  • The translation speed is real quick – around one to three second.

WT2 is the first and only “1+2 translation” system available globally. Its innovative and patented technology allows multiplexed speech communication between both WT2 earphone translators and a single phone with the WT2 App. This helps in creating a smooth and highly accurate communication experience for the user. It is the ideal communication system for travel enthusiasts, homestay students, cross-cultural families, international shops, hotels and others.

Timekettle has a financial goal of $50,000 for the project. The deadline date is 27 October, 2017.

About WT2 Real-time Earphone Translator:

WT2 is the world’s first 1+2 earphone translator, designed to allow near real time face-to-face bilingual conversations. Conversations and translations are enabled by two earphones and one app. It also comes with a customized charging case. WT2 can be used currently for translating six languages – English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish and German.

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