Believe in that Dream Because It is well Deserved!

October 25 16:34 2017

October 25th, 2017 – Going through the daily rigors of life sometime needs an extra push whether it be physical or mental. Life and Fitness Coach, David Michigan has made it his life calling to help as many people as possible by giving them the body they truly want as well as a stronger and more determined mindset. He works with people to help them actualize the true potential of their body and spirit dreams through trusting their abilities and following their passions.

David offers a holistic approach that helps in the areas of nutrition, losing weight, building muscles and mental motivation. With mental coaching there is a self hypnosis class that is offered via Skype that will allow you to progress in mind, body and soul farther than you’ve ever dreamt. There is a nutrition coaching program that tackles all you need to know about improving the fitness of your body through the food you eat.

Michigan offers several programs that tackle your overall well-being including a Training package that includes ‘3 biggest secrets to abs and custom training plans’; hypnosis classes are also offered with mental coaching and finally more personalized classes including getting a chance to ask any ten, three or five questions you need answers to and having David respond to them personally.

Michigan also offers customized yearly plans including questions and answers, a diet or training plan, personalized advice sheets etc. The plans start at $47 per month for the starter plan, $77 per month for the basic plan and $127 per month for the pro plan. David’s programs have been tested by several people who have all been pleased. The reviews are insightful and give you a glimpse into the personal touch of the program. Emily states “Today I am proud to send you the official photos of myself: before and after. These photos are the witnesses of my physical evolution but not only. When I started this process I was not so sure of reaching my goals. I said to myself “this physique is for others.” As much I doubted, and yet I continued to dispel all these doubts and fears”.

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David Michigan has been featured on Muscle & Fitness, Buzzfeed, Miss Tattoo France and Huffington Post. You may view his Instagram page with over 3 million followers at: you may visit his website at for further details on the David Michigan’s way of getting you to ‘Believe in your Dreams, Because You Deserve It.

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