AffordEdu launches Knowledge Builder with Topic Mastery for Students to Improve Test Scores

October 24 22:49 2017

New Jersey-based Online 1-on-1 tutoring site, AffordEdu announces the launch of its Knowledge Builder package that comes with Topic Mastery designed to help students improve their test scores

AffordEdu recently announced the launch of its Knowledge Builder package, which is designed to help students get better test scores with easy step-by-step guide and tutorials for students.

The importance of a good education cannot be overemphasized. Education is particularly meant to open up new doors, helping students build a solid foundation for a great future. The need for quality education has led people to look for new and more effective ways of improving their skills and expertise using educational tools. However, these tools are not particularly forthcoming or are too expensive for many students. In a bid to helps students wanting to improve their education and build a solid foundation for a bright future, AffordEdu creates a platform that allows students to learn anytime anywhere in a very fast-paced, using an online tutoring with top tier global teachers, with an offer of free online tutoring.

The launch of the package brings a new dimension into online math tutoring and tutoring in general, taking the concepts to new heights with a personalized and adaptive learning program. Students benefit from the topic based, interactive knowledge graph that pinpoints the needs of every student academically, touching on a variety of topics.

The knowledge graph employed by AffordEdu ensures that the areas where the student needs to improve are identified, consequently allowing them to develop a customized study plan to target the necessary areas. Consequently, students are able to master the topics and earn better grades. The graph application provides a visual way of exploring the semantic relationships between different modules, sub modules and topics. The objects are represented visually as networks of nodes and edges.

AffordEdu is offering a unique way of learning as opposed to the different forms of traditional online learning options currently in the EdTech industry, with a result driven solution for online tutoring. “Students are studying primarily at night when access to private tutors is almost impossible. Tutoring locations like libraries or Barnes & Noble stores are closed, making it very difficult to access help. Our online math tutoring program provides coverage during 8 pm to 4 am for topic mastery with knowledge builder, homework help and test preparations for PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT. We provide access to 1000+ video lessons and solutions, over 3000 practice questions, dozens of full length tests and exceptional tutors who have attended MIT, Harvard, Columbia and other top colleges” states Sneharthi Roy, CEO of AffordEdu. “We aim to mentor students to achieve high test scores and help admission into their dream colleges.”

AffordEdu offers 1 on 1 online tutoring, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that includes knowledge builder for topic mastery, interactive scheduler, progress report, audio, video, chat, collaborative whiteboard, and screen sharing for test preparations – SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT.

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AffordEdu is the Next Generation of Tutoring Tech that gives people from all over the world access to test preparation and topic mastery delivered by top-notch tutors. The tutorials are designed to help students get into their dream colleges with relative ease.

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